• For scrap raw material suppliers

    We will purchase copper scraps, electric wire scraps, aluminum scraps, stainless steel scraps, and etc, that occur at your factory or on site, in order to make effective use of limited resources.
    Of course, we purchase things that are mixed with several kinds of materials, as well as things of a single material, considering to maximize the value.
    Even if it seems to be worthless, if you have any non-ferrous metals at all, please contact us.

  • For scrap raw material users

    We offer various types of scrap materials of stable quality and we can offer them from small to large quantities all tailored to your requests.
    We would like to offer our “safety;” by using scrap ingredients that have been subjected to proper quality control.

  • Copper
  • Aluminum · Stainless steel
  • Other


  • Barley(Shiny Mill Berry)
  • Mill Berry
  • Clove
  • Rectangular wire
  • New clipping/stamping
  • Stamping
  • Candy
  • Busbar
  • Plated busbar
  • Tin Plated wire (thick)
  • Tin Plated wire (thin)
  • Birch Cliff
  • Trolley wire
  • Enameled wire
  • Cu turnings

Barley(Shiny Mill Berry)

Pure copper & copper wire & wire diameter> 1.3 mm & above & shining (Pure good product with coated vinyl removed) & impurities not attached.

Mill Berry

Pure copper & copper wire & wire diameter> 1.3 mm & glow & & impurities not attached. Those which discolored due to oxidation.


Pure cutting edge of copper wire with wire diameter of 1.3 mm or more, nugget treated product. Foreign matter, foreign materials are not mixed in.

Rectangular wire

Pure copper & copper wire & rectangular section with a thickness of 1.3 mm or more & Transformer copper wire & impurities not attached.

New clipping/stamping

Other than pure copper & wire & one side 1 cm or more & thickness 0.3 mm or more & shining & new cutting plate punching & impurities not attached.


Piling up of newly cut copper.


Other than pure copper & wire & one side 1 cm or more & thickness 0.3 mm or more & new cut & impurities not attached. Those collected only pipes without impurities.


A copperplate for power distribution with a thickness of 5 mm or more and 20 mm or less. Plating, soldering, painted or foreign matter, not including foreign materials

Plated busbar

Bus bar The thing plated with copper. Nickel, tin, solder, lead plating.

Tin Plated wire (thick)

Good quality stuffed coated vinyl with tin drawn copper wire with wire diameter of 1.3 mm or more.

Tin Plated wire (thin)

A thin tin drawn copper wire with a wire diameter of less than 1.3 mm. A thin line mainly stripped of the caca-ia.

Birch Cliff

Pure copper, alloy containing more than 95% copper content. There are many deposits (solder, plating, middle, phosphor bronze).

Trolley wire

The name of the copper electric wire that sends electricity to the pantograph of the train. Many things are not pure copper. There are things with covered wire in the groove, things with iron core.

Enameled wire

Copper wire, flat iron wire coated with formalin. There are many types of colors. Be careful as there is a possibility of aluminum wire.

Cu turnings

There is no contamination of foreign matter, dissimilar materials by copper scraping powder. Be careful of oil and moisture.

Copper alloy

  • Label (70/30 , 65/35)
  • Label (60/40)
  • Noble(Rod ends)
  • NIGHT(Brass turnings)
  • Mixed Brass turnings
  • Plated Label
  • Brass Hair Wire
  • Brass Honey
  • Foundry Ebony(Bronze)
  • Plated Ebony
  • Valve Bronze
  • Bronze turnings
  • Brass Radiator
  • Phospher bronze
  • Al-Brass
  • Ni-Silver

Label (70/30 , 65/35)

Copper and zinc alloy & Cu 65 ~ 70%, Zn 35 ~ 30% range & New cutting plate & 1 cm side and side & 0.2 mm thick or more.

Label (60/40)

Same as Sepa standard & Cu 60 ~ 65%, Zn 35 ~ 40%.

Noble(Rod ends)

New cut of brass bar. It is not possible to enter Bi.

NIGHT(Brass turnings)

Brass sheets, strips, bars, pipe shavings & non permanent objects. It is not possible to enter Bi.

Mixed Brass turnings

Middle powder, manganese powder, arms powder etc. Mixed powder.

Plated Label

Sepa material + thing plated with tin. Ni plating, Ni + Sn plating.

Brass Hair Wire

Wire in the middle. It is used to rotate at high speed and cut the copper plate. Attention is given to iron which is plated in the middle.

Brass Honey

Collected scraps such as gunmetal, plating gunmetal, gunmetal with foreign matter, middle, plating middle, middle with a foreign matter. Foreign matter such as iron, SUS, plastics, etc. should be kept within 3%.

Foundry Ebony(Bronze)

Alloy of copper, tin, lead, zinc. Bc 3, 7, 6, 1 are obtained in the order of the larger amount of tin.

Plated Ebony

Gun metal was plated.

Valve Bronze

A gun that is used for a valve and whose core is in the middle. The thing vertically written by manufacturer name is All middle (middle valve).

Bronze turnings

Ground metal shaving powder. Iron, other foreign materials of alloys, things without contamination.


Hoop and fune are made in the middle and fin is copper made radiator waste.

Brass Radiator

Hoop, fune, fin is a middle made radiator waste.

Phospher bronze

For copper wrought, for casting. Cu 93% Sn 7% P (phosphorus) A component called trace amount is common. Some with lead and some with tin content of 10%.


Alloy with aluminum added to brass. Although the constituent element ratio is varied, the copper content is in the middle, and about 1 to 2% of aluminum is added. Corrosion resistance, especially good seawater resistance, is used for condenser tubes, heater tubes, cooler tubes, etc.


Alloy with 50 to 70% Cu, 10 to 30% Zn, 10 to 20% Ni. Another alloy containing a small amount of manganese.


  • 1S
  • 2S
  • 52S
  • 6063 Extrusion
  • 6063 Extrusion B
  • die-casting
  • Wheel
  • UBC
  • Gara Aluminum
  • Aluminum turnings
  • P tile
  • Litho sheet


Pure aluminum with an aluminum purity of 99.5% or more. It is soft, has low strength, and has a metallic sound that makes a dull sound when dropped. It is used for reflective surfaces of gas stoves and electric stoves, electric wires, accessories and so on. Many lines and bus bars are used for electricity. Aluminum scrap has high purity.


Pure aluminum with an aluminum purity of 99.0% or more. Because iron + silicon = less than 1%, some iron content is contained. It is used for kitchen utensils, fin caps, printing plates and the like. Attention to paint and attachments.


Representative aluminum alloy with moderate strength. Since Mg is contained in a large amount, it is excellent in corrosion resistance. It is used for general sheet metal, end of can, electric parts etc.

6063 Extrusion

Since silicon is added to the 5000 series, casting flow is improved. Representative extruded alloy. Softer than 5052. Sashes, furniture, household appliances etc used. Things removed from foreign substances and foreign materials such as screws once used.

6063 Extrusion B

Things with small amounts of foreign objects such as screws, screws, plastics etc. on the sash. Knobs, glasses, putty, ami, reinforced big iron, wood and plywood board etc are removed as aluminum yield will be worse.


New chip containing various aluminum types.


Old waste containing various kinds of aluminum.


Beautiful material unused in aluminum casting material. It is made by pouring it into a mold, sand mold, etc. It is hard but brittle. Pay attention to paint and oil adhesion.


Collected items of aluminum casting materials. Attention to attached items.


One piece of foil is made of 4C material. Among casting materials, aluminum content is high, content of other metals is small


Since Mn is contained in a large amount, it is excellent in heat resistance. It is used for mouthpiece of aluminum can body light bulb, instant udon container etc etc.

Gara Aluminum

Things once used in the workpieces of the expanding material. Yakin and frying pan etc. Some stuff is ok.

Aluminum turnings

Castings, flour scraped from Jura. Be careful that there is no contamination of different materials such as Middle Powder, Tanzukuri, Iron Powder etc.

P tile

Aluminum castings used as flooring materials. Die casting is not attached to foreign matter or foreign materials.

Litho sheet

Aluminum plate used for printing. Pay attention to paint and glue sticking.


  • SUS304
  • SUS430(chromium)
  • Stainless turnings


Cr18, Ni8, alloy of the remaining Fe.


Cr18, alloy of the remaining Fe.

Stainless turnings

Stainless steel scraped powder. Middle powder, aluminum powder, tanzukuri, no iron contamination.


  • Industrial miscellaneous goods
  • Industrial motor
  • Washing machine motor
  • Cel motor
  • Dynamo
  • Motor core
  • Heat exchanger
  • Transformer core
  • Mold transformer
  • Water heater
  • Switchboard
  • Cubicle
  • Gas meter
  • Electric meter
  • Copper hanger
  • A medal
  • Air-Con pipe

Industrial miscellaneous goods

Iron and non-ferrous mixed scraps that are difficult to disassemble.
※ There is no mixing of oil, batteries and batteries.

Industrial motor

Motor used for industrial use, products.

Washing machine motor

Motor generated from washing machine disassembly.

Cel motor

Motor generated from car disassembly.


Motor generated from car disassembly.

Motor core

The contents of the motor.

Heat exchanger

A cooler mainly generated from the factory. The contents are copper, middle, stainless steel pipe.

Transformer core

Transformer. The coil is divided into copper, aluminum, and mix.

Mold transformer

A transformer compacted with resin. The coil is divided into copper, aluminum, and mix.

Water heater

Gas water heater that leaves the household. The fact that the pot contained in it is copper.


A board that gives electricity to each device (certification, socket, motor, etc.).


Repeater that distributes power supplied from a power company.

Gas meter

Gas meter. The side is made of aluminum.

Electric meter

Meter of electricity.
Attach photos without glass ※.

Copper hanger

Jig generated from the plating factory.

A medal

Middle, stainless steel, western white and so on.

Air-Con pipe

Piping used for air conditioner.

Electrical cable

  • Single core cable
  • Multi core cable
  • Cabtire cable
  • F cable
  • Household electric cable
  • Car harness
  • Coaxial cable

Single core cable

High voltage wire which is mainly wired to factories. Evaluation differs depending on copper content.

Multi core cable

High voltage wire which is mainly wired to factories. Evaluation differs depending on copper content.

Cabtire cable

An electric wire mainly coated with rubber with tin wire.

F cable

Electric wires wired indoors of ordinary households.

Household electric cable

Electric wires coming out of home appliances.

Car harness

Electric wires coming out of automobile scrap.

Coaxial cable

Electrical wires generated from communication equipment.


  • Lead
  • Wheel Lead


Lead scrap used for various purposes.

Wheel Lead

Weight lead attached to wheels of automobiles. Many things with iron.


  • Zine-Alloy


Alloy and zinc alloy. It is easy to confuse with aluminum casting and casting. The specific gravity is heavier than aluminum and the color is bluish. When it exceeds a certain temperature when heat is applied, it burns so as to collapse at once.


  • solder


Alloy mainly composed of lead and tin.


  • Home Appliance · Power Supply Board
  • hard disk

Home Appliance · Power Supply Board

Substrate generated from disassembly of home appliances

hard disk

It can be divided by existence of substrate.

  • Copper
  • Aluminum · Stainless steel
  • Other